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Bangalore Muslim Matrimonial Site for Divorced | Muslim Widow Bride | Second Marriage

Muslim bride in Bangalore

Muslim bride in Bangalore

Best Muslim Matrimonial Website for Divorced / Widow - Second Shaadi

Yes, Alhamdulillah by Allah’s grace Islam approves and encourages Second Marriage Matrimony options for Divorced / Widow. In Islam, after the period of iddath it is permissible for a Divorced/ Widow Bride to get married again. Same is the case with Groom who can remarry a second wife.

So following on the similar lines of Islam, Muslim Marriage Center (MMC) apart from their first marriage options, we encourage marriage for the second time to the divorced or widow. We provide following Muslim Matrimonial Services for second marriage in our BTM office. So if you are looking to get married again and looking for a genuine Muslim Matrimonial Broker in Bangalore for second marriages then you are at the right place. We offer free registration to Muslim Widows who are looking to get remarried considering the hardship they might have gone through their phase after their partner’s death. It’s a small try from our end to make their marriage effort successful and in a quick time.

  • Plenty of Divorced Muslim Brides profiles available who are looking to get married immediately as per the Muslim Matrimonial Law or Sharia.
  • We have a huge database of Muslim Widows who are looking to get married after their first husband’s death and who have crossed the Iddath period.
  • We have Muslim Divorced or Muslim Widows who are ready to get married and become second wife to support their children’s and make themselves financially stable.
  • We have profiles of Second Marriage Grooms who are looking to get married post-divorce or death of their partners.
  • We have proposal from Grooms who are already married and looking to marry a second wife due to their personal reasons. We have a clear section where we have told them to mention the exact reason of why they are looking to get married again.

  • All the mentioned point above is absolutely legal and follow sharia law. So we Muslim Marriage Center (MMC) is looking to become a part of the society where everybody is treated equal and all the grooms or bride who are looking to get married again for any reasons should able to do it. We have seen a nice trend where many educated Muslims are taking step to make the second marriage concept in today’s world easier and with less burden to the going-to-be married bride or groom for their second marriage stint.

    Our target is to make a society where Second Marriage in Islam should be considered as an advantage over other communities. We want it to make it so easy to get married second time in Muslim community that all the Divorced/Widow should feel comfortable to approach Muslim Matrimonial alliances for the themselves. Currently the scenario for second marriage is considered something unnatural and the bride or groom who are looking to get remarried are looked down. This has made many Muslim Brides and grooms to approach their second marriage as the biggest hurdle in their life.

    There are many Online matrimonial websites for first marriages but for second marriage in Bangalore there are very few who can be considered negligible. So far Second Marriages we want this to be one of our exclusive Muslim Marriage service in Bangalore where we take each case of the Second Shaadi into consideration. We want to understand the exact reason why their first marriages didn’t get through successfully and counsel them to be a better Muslim Bride or Muslim Groom with little etiquettes of softness, understanding, maturity, accommodative and follow the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

    There are very few Second Marriage Matrimony offering websites in Bangalore who are doing a genuine service to this segment of Muslim crowd who are looking to start their life all over again with lots of hopes, positive expectations, matured learning from their previous marriages. We at Muslim Marriage Center in Bangalore wants to be the Best Muslim Marriage Matchmakers for Widows and Divorcees and prove to this society that good work can be done in many ways and matrimonial services for second marriages is one among them and considered a very high respect in the eyes of almighty and our beloved Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

    We are getting regular enquiries on our Matrimonial Website in Bangalore asking for Second Shaadi proposal with different age groups and segment of Muslim. Seeing the Muslim modernization acceptance and the alarming rates of Muslim currently opting for Khula or Divorced from local masjids and registration offices, it is very much a needed service to cater Muslim Marriages in Bangalore. We have set up many Marriage counseling sessions to help Muslim take their Khula or Divorce decision slowly, wisely and witout any bias. Still as life has its own unexpected twist and turns, different people with varied taste fail to make a happy couple and go for separation which is again acceptable in light of Quran and Sharia. So for all this people there is a hope and a second chance given by the almighty in the form of Second Marriages where they can start their life all over again but this time with a wise decision learnt from their previous marriages. So we welcome all those people to experience Matrimony again and visit our Muslim Matrimonial Section exclusive for Second Marriages.

    Second Wedding concept in Muslim was very rare in earlier days but thanks to effort of few this has become easier and affordable. Now we can see acceptance in society has seen a drastic change with many unmarried grooms ready to get tied in a knot with a divorcee or widow Muslim. Many Muslim younger generation feel happy to get married to this Muslim Widows or Divorcee as a command from our beloved Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). We wish and hope to see a day comes when there is an easy acceptance of kids borne from their first marriage and readily accepted in their second marriages. Many a times Widows or Divorcee particularly don’t agree for second marriage as they have a fear running in their mind that their kids would not be accepted in their second marriage and they have to go through a painful phase of separation from kids. So part of social initiative we at Muslim Marriage Center are trying to counsel all the proposal received from prospective grooms and convince them to have a look at accepting the kids from their earlier husbands so that it becomes an easier decision for the Muslim Bride to get remarried happily. It’s just a start and we hope and pray to see this being accepted in huge numbers which in-turn will help marriages getting faster for Widows and Divorcees.

    One of the most controversial and debatable topic we are seeing is on Polygamy acceptance within Muslims.

    There are many reasons a groom looks to get remarried again like:

  • Divorced his earlier wife due to compatibility in Marriage.
  • Death of the first wife.
  • Not satisfied physically with existing wife so want to remarry again but don’t want to divorce the first wife as other responsibility of her are fulfilled.
  • Capable to handle multiple wife’s and justify their shared physically and financially so that there is no injustice done to any partner in marriage.

  • Polygamy is allowed in Islam but there are few conditions attached to it which has to be met in order to opt for second or third or fourth marriage in Islam. If you are financially stable and can justify physical closeness to both the wife’s then only a person is advised to go for polygamy in Islam. Second Marriage concept in Muslim was recommended by our beloved Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) to have a guardian for all the Wife’s Martyrs of war in Prophets era. Those days are gone of wars in Islam or current world but still there are unexpected life turns where a Muslim Bride becomes a Widow in no matter of time with the death of her husband. So to protect or have her a guardian for herself and children, a Muslim groom who is financially stable and can afford to run another family with ease is advised to go for Second Marriage in Islam.

    Muslim Marriage Center will be creating awareness camps across the Masjids in Bangalore to promote “making Widow Second Marriage easier”. We may be the first towards becoming Muslim Marriage Sites for Divorcee or Widow but we want more people to contribute and discuss on this topic. We would be happy to brainstorm with top Muslim press, agencies, Muslim Matrimonial companies, Muslim Matchmakers in Bangalore, top Muslim Matrimonial Bureaus and find an effective solution to make second marriage concept more general and accepted universally across ages and sects of Muslim community.

    Divorce Bride is another hot topic in our community which is creating negative effect. They are looked upon with disappointment and treated as if the issue is completely with the female. Marriage is a concept of togetherness. So a successful Muslim Marriage is a combination of both the partners performing their duty, covering up each other’s weakness, showing love and compassion, managing each other’s duties in perfection. As there is no perfection in anything except Allah, we see marriages also getting broken due to contradicting views and ideologies. We should accept the fact that they gave their best to save their Marriage but sometimes people are not meant for each other and separation is the better option. So kindly respect these individuals who have gone through tough time in their first marriage and looking to get remarried again and become second wife to give another try to become a better human being and a pious Muslim.

    If you see developed countries like US, UK, Canada etc. the demand of Divorcee Bride or Groom is high as they consider it a moral obligation being a Muslim to give equal rights to all. They consider them for first proposal also if they have good moral values and fit in their family way of thinking. Let us follow their footstep and begin our Baby steps towards making Muslim community as the most acceptable community of Widows and Divorcee in the world. Let’s make Marriages simpler so that second marriages become simpler and easier.

    As mentioned above, we don’t charge any registration fees to Widows who are looking to settle their life again by doing Second Marriage. We are open to create awareness session or counseling session to Muslim community on importance of accepting Second Marriage and making it an easier way of starting life all over again. So If you are looking for a direct second marriage matrimonial website in Bangalore who truly care about the betterment of Muslim Bride who are either divorced or have become Widow by will of Allah, kindly contact Muslim Marriage Center on 9880892331 and get more details on Second Marriage Girls or Widow Marriages.

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